Fipronil in eggs: we need food safety police

The Fipronil scandal in eggs produced in Holland and Belgium should make us open our eyes to see what we can do to prevent yet another safety scandal.

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Austin Alonzo
Austin Alonzo

Frankly, it's hard to believe what on Earth is going on in the poultry industry. Just a few days ago a new scandal came to light: The detection of the pesticide Fipronil in eggs produced in the Netherlands and Belgium. No, it's not Brazil now. It's Europe. Once again, it is the food safety of a poultry product.

Apparently, it is not yet known exactly how this pesticide, banned in Europe’s poultry industry, arrived to those egg farms. Investigations so far suggests that it was mixed with essential oils for pest control on farms without the knowledge of producers.

We’re not done with one crisis and now we are entering another. It gives rise to the critics of animal production and gives plenty of material to those looking to throw more fuel on the fire. It is also an occasion that develops a collective hysteria that lasts for centuries. Then, what are we going to do?

Are we facing a plot of some sort? Maybe we should become food safety cops. Just as when we board a plane and they check our passport and luggage, we go through the security points where they scan us until they seen everything, and then perhaps, just before boarding the plane, we go back to review. We may have to act likewise in the poultry industry. 

Companies will need to implement stricter in-house controls. We can’t wait for the national food safety agencies to notify us if a product does or does not go. Or for the bomb to blow up, because it would already be too late. What do you think?

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