Chicken and eggs on World Food Day

Benjamín Ruiz analyzes the campaign for the celebration of World Food Day and how poultry could play a fundamental role in this process.

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Photo courtesy of FAO
Photo courtesy of FAO

The World Food Day is celebrated on October 16, the same date on which the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was established. The hashtag #ZeroHunger is within the motto of this year, but it seems to me that there is controversy. We fight against hunger and, at the same time, against obesity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says there are more than 1.9 billion people who are overweight, of which 650 million are obese (according to data from 2016). Being overweight and obesity can be prevented. WHO says it is essential that "the environment and communities are favorable and that they allow influencing people's choices so that the simplest option (the most accessible, available and affordable) is the healthier in terms of food and regular physical activity, and therefore preventing overweight and obesity.”

In this statement, there is a key point: the most accessible, available and affordable food option is the healthiest. Here is where the poultry industry plays a very important role: to produce healthy proteins to which the population can access.

In terms of nutrition, WHO talks about daily physical activity, limiting the consumption of sugars and fats, and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts and other foods. I would add good quality protein, with a perfect balance of amino acids, and low fat: chicken and eggs! 

This is basic not only to end hunger but to maintain a correct weight. The key is at this point, the strength of an industry like the poultry industry. What do you think?

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