Why are animal activists harassing a cereal company?

Agrifood company CEREALTO said American activists harassed its management staff into releasing a timeline defining its cage-free transition.

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Agrifood company CEREALTO said American activists harassed its management staff into releasing a timeline defining its cage-free transition.

What’s funny is that the company went on to explain that its egg products represent less than 0.26% of the total raw materials used in its operations in 2022. Additionally, CEREALTO explained that its usage of conventional eggs has decreased almost 90% from 2019 to 2022.

“Something that has not satisfied American activists who, for two months, have been sending messages on social networks harassing the company and its managers, in which they denounce the lack of information about the use of these products and their origin,” CEREALTO said in the announcement.

The company said the same U.S. activist campaign has targeted multiple other international companies that are active in Spain.

The cage-free announcement itself says that CEREALTO will gradually reduce its use of caged egg products in all its operations globally, pledging to reduce by 10% in 2023, 50% in 2024 and 100% in 2025.

CEREALTO continued by explaining the decision aligns with its framework of sustainability. 

“As a socially responsible company, CEREALTO has always been committed to responsible sourcing, including animal welfare. Our production is fundamentally based on cereals,” it said.

“Our entire value chain ensures food quality, ethics and integrity throughout the process, complying with each of the legal requirements established by Spanish and European regulations, both of which are the most demanding in the world in terms of animal welfare.”

But why?

The question is, why are animal activists targeting companies whose egg usage is less than 1%? Also, why call out a company that has reduced its conventional egg usage by 90% in the last four years?

CEREALTO never discloses who the activists are, but we do know they are American. That leads to another question: why weren’t activists in this company’s home country giving them that hard of a time?

Maybe the activists just wanted another company to add to their list and saw this one as an easy target. 

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