Chicken N Pickle proves eatertainment is for wheelchair users too

The chain specializes in pickleball and chicken dishes, but community is the real name of the game.

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The parapickleball program at Chicken N Pickle brings eatertainment value to those with disabilities too.

“Chicken N Pickle is all about community,” said Taylor Nichols, a wheelchair athlete and adaptive pickleball coordinator for Chicken N Pickle. “I’ve never seen a big company go the extra mile to offer mobility devices or just try to include diverse communities.”

Eatertainment venues, such as Chicken N Pickle and Puttshack, mix activities with high-quality food. The restaurant category was named one of 12 top consumer trends currently impacting chicken consumption at the 2023 Chicken Marketing Summit.


A few times a year, each Chicken N Pickle location hosts a parapickleball clinic where people with disabilities can come learn the sport, which is a mix of tennis and ping pong. Open play targeted for people with disabilities is one night a month.

In addition, there are sports wheelchairs available to borrow at every Chicken N Pickle location, which means that people with disabilities can come play pickleball anytime.

As a wheelchair user myself, I know that staying active is hugely beneficial to both my mental and physical health. I also know I’ll get frustrated going out, only to watch everyone else have fun. I also want to be a part of the action. Luckily for people like me, Chicken N Pickle has a similar mentality.

 “At Chicken N Pickle, we don’t want to see anyone sitting on the sidelines,” Nichols explained.

Chicken N Pickle isn’t the only poultry company getting in on the pickleball fun. Eggland’s Best just announced the “Serves Up Summer Sweepstakes,” offering winners a chance to attend the 2024 Association of Pickleball Players (APP) tournament.

Chicken N Pickle currently operates 10 locations in the U.S., with more scheduled to open this year. Its menu offers a variety of chicken products, including smoked wings, rotisserie chicken, chicken and waffles and chicken sandwiches.

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