WOAH: Newcastle disease situation in Poland resolved

More than 80,000 birds on four premises were lost as a result of an outbreak of Newcastle disease.

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The Newcastle disease outbreak situation that led to the loss of more than 80,000 birds in Poland in July has been resolved, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) reported on November 29.

According to the WOAH, four premises in Poland were affected by Newcastle disease between July 8 and July 19. The largest of the flocks on those four farms included 47,252 birds, while the smallest included 90 birds.

The WOAH report did not identify the type of birds involved, or even whether they were classified as poultry. They were only listed as domestic birds.

Between the four farms a total of 35,758 birds died as a result of contracting Newcastle disease, while 44,557 more were depopulated.

Two of the infected farms were in Topilek, while the other two were in Bojary and Bohdan.

According to the WOAH, the following control measures were put in place and successfully completed: zoning, surveillance within the restricted zone, movement control, stamping out, traceability, disinfection, and official disposal of carcasses, byproducts and waste.

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