Canada suspends processed poultry imports from Mexico

Canadian Food Inspection Agency says Mexican products do not provide the same levels of protection provided under the Safe Food for Canadians Act

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The import of processed poultry products from Mexico has been suspended by Canadian officials.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) cited non-compliance though standard inspection procedures as the reason for the decision.

“Due to these non-compliances, the CFIA has determined that Mexico’s inspection system for processed poultry for export to Canada no longer provides the same level of protection provided under the Safe Food for Canadians Act and regulations,” the agency said in a statement emailed to WATT Global Media.

CFIA, which says it has “a robust import inspection system in place to verify that imported products meet Canada’s federal regulations,” has requested that Mexican officials thoroughly investigate the matter and provide the CFIA with the results of the investigations, as well as a root cause analysis, and corrective and preventative measures that Mexico will put in place.

The decision comes just less than five months after the two countries reached an arrangement for trade of organic food, which applies to agricultural and processed products of plant origin grown or produced within either country, livestock and livestock products produced in Canada, and organic products whose final processing or packaging occurs within either country, including products like fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, poultry, dairy or egg products certified as organic in Canada.

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