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Industria Avicola Guia Annual

A buyer's guide of products and services for the egg and poultry industries in Latin America, including Mexico and Central America.

Companies in Productos para la salud

BIOMIN do Brasil Ltda

BIOMIN, empresa líder enfocada en nutrición y sanidad animal, desarrolla y fabrica aditivos para alimentos balanceados, premezclas y brinda servicios para mejorar la salud y el rendimiento, utilizando las últimas tecnologías y programas de Investigación y Desarrollo. BIOMIN ofrece productos de... More
Enzyme Innovation

Enzyme Innovation

Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with expertise in the application of industrial enzymes and probiotics for animal nutrition. With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, we are leaders in innovation and committed to providing eco-safe solutions for more than 25 industries, including food, feed and non-food. Visit us at to learn more about our pellet- and heat-stable blend of enzymes, DigeSEB Delta Plus, and probiotic, BioSEB BC, and the difference this will make in the health of monogastric animals.


JH Biotech Inc

JH Biotech, Inc. has been manufacturing fertilizers, feed supplements and additives for agricultural use since 1987. JH Biotech is a technological leader in the natural chelation process and applied microbiology. Our chelated trace minerals will improve the efficiency of the mineral absorption... More