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Dinnissen Pandora end of line mixing

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Dinnissen Process Technology
Horsterweg 66
Sevenum, NL-5975 NB
Sevenum NL-5975 NB

Dinnissen offers the Pandora end of line mixing concept for high-quality applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and food sectors that require fast, gentle, and cost-efficient mixing solutions. The Pandora end of line mixing concept is designed for situations in which costs have to be carefully managed without making any concessions in terms of quality. Pandora end of line mixing works according to the principle of continuous mixing, whereby raw materials are continually added and removed from a compact mixer. The concept is based on a combination of several accurate gravimetric feeders and the Pegasus mixer supplied by Dinnissen. The special feeders accurately measure the supply of ingredients to the pegasus mixer, which can consist of micro-ingredients (0.01-2% per batch weight) and even extremely high percentages (30-220% per batch weight). The Pandora end of line mixing solution can be supplied as a stand-alone module to be built into new or existing production processes or as a complete production process.


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