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Bio-Vet 'O' QuadriCal MINI calcium boluses

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Phone: +1.800.246.8381


300 Ernie Drive
Barneveld WI 53507
United States

Bio-Vet 'O' QuadriCal MINI calcium boluses for dairy cattle provide a balance of rapid, intermediate and sustained availability of calcium that helps to better maintain blood calcium levels at calving. Each five-bolus feeding contains a minimum of 50 grams of calcium from four different types of calcium. 'O' QuadriCal MINI boluses also supply niacin to aid liver function during negative energy balance, and vitamin D, which is critical for calcium utilization in the body. 'O' QuadriCal MINI boluses are tapered for easy swallowing and may be fed with the Bio-Vet 26mm Multi-dose Balling Gun or 'T' SPEC 106 Oral Speculum.


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