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Linde Dri Pack automated box chilling system

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Phone: +1.800.755.9277


575 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill NJ 07974
United States

Designed and built to USDA requirements, the Linde Dri Pack automated box chilling system is ideal for meat packing plants and poultry operations, and is intended for use with new or existing packaging operations. The automated chilling system quickly fills boxes (up to about 24 inches wide) with CO snow as they travel along a conveyor, locking in moisture and preserving freshness and quality. Once in the container, the CO snow does not melt; through the process of sublimation, the CO provides the refrigeration to chill food -- so there is never any liquid. The system eliminates the storage and physical handling of ice, and the equipment includes a shroud around the chute to vent waste gases to the outside.


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