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Flame Engineering PL 8750 Red Dragon poultry house sanitizer

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Phone: +1.888.388.6724


Flame Engineering
P.O. Box 577
LaCrosse KS 67548
United States

The Flame Engineering PL 8750 Red Dragon poultry house sanitizer eliminates pathogen, bacteria and viruses, including avian influenza. Designed to flame bare floors and litter, it utilizes six liquid propane torches that project intense, sweeping flames underneath a sturdy steel hood to kill bacteria. The heat from the flames stays constant at approximately 1,400F, which is hot enough to effectively eliminate a host of harmful pathogens. Operating at a half a mile per hour, the poultry house sanitizer consumes approximately 25 gallons of propane to treat a 20,000 square foot poultry house.

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