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Sellick Equipment Limited S150 rough terrain forklift

Sellick Equipment Limited S150 rough terrain forklift

Contact Information

Phone: +1.519.738.2255


Sellick Equipment Limited
PO Box 312547
Detroit MI 48231-2547
United States

The Sellick Equipment Limited S150 rough terrain forklift is designed for heavy industrial applications. Featuring a 15,000 pound capacity at a 24 inch load center, it is powered by an economical 74 horsepower, 4-cylinder electronic engine that produces 295 Ft/LBS of torque. The clean-burning diesel does not require exhaust after-treatment, diesel exhaust fluid or regeneration cycles. The engine is coupled to a fully automatic power shift 4 speed transmission, and when equipped with the 4x4 option, allows for on-the-go engagement of the steerable drive axle.

The S150 features a fully-isolated operator platform that reduces noise and vibration, and the overhead guard structure is both ROPS and FOPS certified. Load sense steering and power assisted brakes reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Operators can monitor the machines systems through a multi-function digital LCD screen that also provides on board diagnostics that reduces downtime.

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