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Hurley Packaging CORR-PAL corrugated pallet

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Phone: +1.806.745.5440


Hurley Packaging
2902 East Municipal Drive
Lubbock TX 79403
United States

The Hurley Packaging CORR-PAL corrugated pallet is a light-weight, safe and eco-friendly solution for the supply chain industry that weights less than 8 pounds and can handle up to two metric tons. It never requires fumigation or toxic treatments, as insects cannot penetrate the pallet’s patented design. Unlike wood, the pallets present no risk of contamination with pathogens such as avian influenza, Listeria, E.coli and Salmonella. Corrugated pallets also have a smaller eco-footprint than pallets made of wood or plastic. The corrugated pallet also provides an added layer of safety for the men and women who handle pallets: no splinters, no rusty nails, and no chemicals that give off gas and accumulate to create dangerous workplace conditions. 

Ideal for automated systems, the CORR-PAL pallet does not break or jam equipment, preventing stoppages and dangerous repairs.  With optional four embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, it is easy to track and trace products moving throughout the supply chain. Corrugated paper pallets are 100-percent recyclable, made from corrugate with post-consumer content and "repulpable" corrugated and FDA-approved adhesive.


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