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Unity Scientific SpectraStar 1400 XT analyzer

Unity Scientific SpectraStar 1400 XT analyzer

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Unity Scientific
117 Old State Road
Brookefield CT 06804
United States

The Unity Scientific SpectraStar 1400 XT is an entry level XT analyzer designed for at-line analysis of simple sample matrices and the analysis of common constituents such as protein, fat, ash, fiber and moisture. Sample cells and devices are available that allow for the analysis of fine and coarse ground powders, slurries and liquids. It has a wavelength range from 1400 nm through the NIR region up to 2600 nm, providing sufficient coverage for many important constituents and also allows for direct calibration transfer Bran+Luebbe and other filter NIR systems. 

The SpectraStar 1400 XT is based on True Alignment Spectroscopy technology that precisely calibrates the XT to first principle standards and then monitors and maintains the alignment for reliable, trouble-free analysis. It features UScan software, which incorporates a intuitive graphical interface and a reliable database for data management. A 17 inch touch screen makes sample analysis as easy as a couple of finger touches. The rotating top window design of the SpectraStar 1400 XT provides maximum sample handling flexibility. The SpectraStar 1400 XT is sealed and uses no fans or cooling systems; thus no filters or routine maintenance are required. 

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