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Engineered Systems & Equipment Inc.

Contact Information

Phone: +1.620.879.5841


Engineered Systems & Equipment Inc.
Highway 166 East Industrial Park
P.O. Box 99
Caney KS 67333
United States

Engineered Systems & Equipment Inc. offers specialized process equipment and systems for the feed, grain, soy, cereal, food, by-products and waste recovery industries. Products offered include heat-processors, cookers/toasters/dryers/coolers, for soybeans, grains, feeds, eggshells, proteins, extrudates and other products; thermo-conditioners for conditioning, pre-cooking, gelantinizing and sterilization of feeds; extruders-cookers-expanders-compactors; and disc-coaters for fats-oil or liquid coating of pellets and extrudates.

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