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Walinga auger discharge trailer

Contact Information

Phone: +1.616.877.3470


Walinga Inc.
1190 Electric Ave.
Wayland ON 49348
United States

Walinga based in Guelph, Ontario, with branches in Wayland, Mich. and Sioux Center, Iowa, provides auger and pneumatic discharge equipment for both semi and fixed trucks. Features of the auger discharge trailer include a floor auger with helicoid flighting on a 2-½ inch diameter shaft. The high-torque hydraulic motor incorporates surge overload protection. Walinga discharge augers incorporate helicoid flighting with ribbon flighting as an available option. Auger bins are available up to 42 feet in length with lifting and rotation controlled from the rear of the unit. Walinga supplies pneumatic discharge trailers and straight trucks. Pneumatic delivery is compatible with special applications where bins are difficult to reach or high biosecurity precludes entry of delivery vehicles into a high-security area. Feed is moved to the rear of the trailer using a floor auger and is fed by gravity into an airlock. Product is then conveyed through the vertical line to the discharge boom and delivered to the farm bin using an elbow or a stainless steel cyclone. Hydraulic systems can be adapted to remote radio control. Blowers used in Walinga systems operate at 1,100CFM at pressures at up to 12psi. Walinga also manufactures transfer units with can be mounted on either the rear or underside of the trailer or on the tractor to facilitate retrieval of feed.

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