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Facco & C Spa convertible housing

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Phone: +39.049.9698.111


Facco & C. Spa
Via Venezia
30 35010 Marsango di Campo San Martino

Facco & C. Spa designs conform to the European Council directive number 1999/74/CE. The requirements are 116 inches² of floor area per hen, a minimum height of 17.7 inches, 6 inches of perch space and 4.7 inches of trough space per hen. Installations supplied include a simulated litter area, a claw-wear strip and a nesting area with a suitable pad. The Facco & C. Spa convertible system is supplied with on-belt manure drying and ventilation and can be supplied in configurations of up to six tiers requiring a height above floor of 13.9 feet.

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