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VAL-CO Community Nest

Contact Information

Phone: +1.717.354.4586


Valco Companies Inc.
2710 Division Highway
P.O. Box 8
New Holland PA 17557
United States

VAL-CO Community Nest is designed for floor systems. The modules are supplied in 4-foot lengths and are constructed of durable components including galvanized metal, plastic and impervious wood composite for easy decontamination. Features of the Community Nest include a fenestrated center egg belt which is accessible for maintenance, perforated nest pads and an expeller installation to prevent broodies and low peck order hens occupying the nests. The nest is ventilated through a space between the expeller and the back wall which provides a chimney effect. Following field trials Valco Companies, Inc. claims a low proportion of floor eggs, reliable operation and clean unmarked egg shells. The unit was developed following extensive evaluation of the laying behavior of hens and the requirements of producers and incorporates features contributing to maximum yield of clean, saleable table eggs.

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