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Roka Bioscience Atlas system

Roka Bioscience Atlas system

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Roka Bioscience
20 Independence Blvd., 4th Floor
Warren NJ 07059
United States

The Roka Bioscience Atlas system a fully automated molecular pathogen detection system dedicated to the food safety industry. It enhances the accuracy, speed and efficiency of food safety testing through detection of molecular pathogens, including Listeria, SalmonellaEscherichia coli and other organisms commonly implicated in food contamination episodes. Utilizing the system’s high-throughput capacity, a single operator can process and receive results for more than 300 samples in an 8-hour shift, or more than 500 results in 12 hours. Automated process controls help ensure consistency and quality. System tracking and barcoding provide full sample-to-result traceability. Flexible, continuous-access sample loading enables greater workflow customization and laboratory efficiency.

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