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R&J Self Contractors Land Plane grading machine

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Phone: +07747.792852


R&J Self Contractors
Grange Farm, All Saints Road
Creeting St. Mary
Ipswich -- IP6 8NG
United Kingdom

R&J Self Contractors offer the Land Plane grading machine. The machine was designed to restore the land of outdoor pig-keeping areas to a cultivatable state for subsequent cropping. This machine has a 14-inch (4.2 m) wide hydraulically-operated blade, towed behind a 100hp crawler tractor. During passes over rough ground, it can be adjusted to remove soil from mounds and deposit it in the hollows, leaving a smooth surface. A tine attachment is used to rip and drain wet areas down to a depth of 20 inches (51 cm), according to the machine's designer. The equipment can be used under most conditions and it is possible to level between 15-25 acres per day, depending upon soil type.

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