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Kemin CloSTAT

Contact Information

Phone: +1.515.559.5100


Kemin Industries Inc
1900 Scott Ave
Des Moines IA 50317
United States

Kemin offers CloSTAT, strains of ATCCPTA-6737PB6. The strain ofPB6 can be used in combination with maduramycin ammonium, monensin sodium, narasin, robenidine hydrochloride, diclazuril, decoquinate, salinomycin sodium, narasin/nicarbazin, and lasalocid sodium-approved coccidiostats. CloSTAT allows poultry producers the ability to manage coccidiosis and bacterial enteritis in their flocks. The European Commission has approved CloSTAT for usage in all poultry species (layers, breeders, broilers, turkeys, and minor species) and in piglets.

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