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Neogen NeoSEEK pathogen DNA detection method

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Neogen NeoSEEK genomic services enable food companies to accurately identify all bacteria in a sample in a single genomic test. The services utilize a novel application of 16s metagenomics to determine all bacteria in a sample, without introducing biases from culture media, and without the need to generate a bacterial isolate for each possible microbe in a sample. Comparing multiple sample types, such as raw materials, environmental swabs and in-process materials, provides a unique understanding of all the bacteria that may be present in a food facility — and their sources. Companies can then use the facility’s “biomap” to make any necessary adjustments to their food safety protocols.

The NeoSEEK technology uses mass spectrometry-based multiplexing to develop a "DNA bar code" for bacteria in a food sample, and then compares those results with the known genetic makeup of the target strains to identify and differentiate the target strains. The technology is expandable and customizable to include any bacteria for which a genetic profile can be developed.  

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