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Smite Biocare Agrisec 250 & 250 Plus bedding powder

Smite Biocare Agrisec 250 & 250 Plus bedding powder

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Phone: +44.0.1246.264635


Smite Biocare
Whittington Way
Chesterfield S41 9AG
United Kingdom

Smite Biocare Agrisec 250 & 250 Plus is a litter conditioner and bedding powder. It doesn’t replace litters but spreads directly onto all types: wood shavings, straw, paper bedding, sand and other materials. The product works to absorb liquids, which economizes the natural bedding to reduce soiling and moisture, improve hygiene and extend the clean-out period. It can absorb 1.5lt of water per kg and doesn’t go muddy or slippery when wet but instead forms dry, easy to remove clumps. Easily hand spread, Agrisec 250 & 250 Plus can be distributed directly onto the bedding just twice a week. The product contains all-natural ingredients including yucca to combat ammonia, seaweed and essential oils.

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