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Marel Stork ATLAS live bird handling system

Marel Stork ATLAS live bird handling system

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Contact: Patricia Furlan
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone: 52.5555.364444


Marel Sistemas de Procesdo de Alimentos de Mexico
Avenida Melchor Ocampo 193 Nivel 10
Interior 10-D, Torre 3
Ciudad de Mexico 11300

The Marel Stork ATLAS live bird handling system gives high attention to animal welfare while increasing efficiency. It features the SmartStack module, which consists of a loadable pallet with a variable number of frameless trays (mostly three or four) on top of it. The design of this module increases the loading capacity up to 38 percent, which means fewer truck movements and therefore less CO2 emission. Making use of the same floor surface, SmartStack provides more space to each bird. As the trays and pallets don't have a frame or any blind spots, they can be submitted to an easy but thorough cleaning in the modular washing device. After the cleaning process, pallets and trays are restacked to compose complete SmartStack modules again, ready for a next round.



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