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Gast Manufacturing oil-free rotary vane pumps

Gast Manufacturing oil-free rotary vane pumps

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Phone: +1.269.926.6171


Gast Manufacturing
2300 M-139 Highway
Benton Harbor MI 49023
United States

Gast Manufacturing oil-free rotary vane pumps feature an industrial Monobloc design with the rotor assembled directly on the motor shaft. This direct-drive design means fewer moving parts, making the dry vacuum pumps extremely compact, reliable and easy to maintain. Additionally, a rear centrifugal fan ensures optimal cooling of the pump and each model is equipped with protective filters at the inlet and silencers at the outlet. The pumps offer nominal capacities from 19 to 150m3/h at 60Hz, provide vacuum in excess of 26”HgV and are ideal for applications including printing, conveying, wood/plastic presses, automated packaging and pick and place operations.

Available in three models, models SB.16 and SB.40 are also suitable for use as compressors. Model SC.100 has the rotor installed on the shaft and fixed by two bearings, with the motor being connected by a flexible coupling. The fan is installed between the pump housing and motor to ensure optimal cooling; and a robust and compact housing provides protection and keeps noise levels extremely low.

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