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Dynatrol CL‐10GH liquid level switch

Dynatrol CL‐10GH liquid level switch

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The Dynatrol CL‐10GH liquid level switch is used for high-, intermediate- or low-point level detection of liquids and slurries in the feed industry. Applications include liquid feed, liquid molasses, soybean oil, flaxseed oil, liquid supplements and more. The detector has no floats, diaphragms, packing glands or moving parts. It is designed for more stability and eliminates the variances of direct input power. The detector requires no field adjustments and is easy to install in almost any position in a vessel or pipe. It provides rugged construction with a sensitive transmission of vibration energy. All components are constructed for long operating-life and require no field adjustments. If needed, corrosion-resistant coatings are available.

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