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MSD Animal Health INNOVAX-ND-IBD live vaccine

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MSD Animal Health INNOVAX-ND-IBD is a multivalent live vaccine that uses dual-construct technology to protect against three highly infectious diseases in poultry: Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Marek’s disease (MD). When given to chickens either in ovo or subcutaneously in the hatchery, it provides life-long protection for ND, IBD and MD simultaneously. INNOVAX-ND-IBD makes it easier for producers to protect their flocks with a single vaccine, which does not interfere with other live respiratory vaccines, giving vaccinated chickens a full range of protection and producers more flexibility when designing the vaccination program. INNOVAX-ND-IBD does not contain live ND or IBD viruses and cannot induce virus spread, revert to virulence or interfere with other live respiratory vaccines. There are no post-vaccinal reactions because HVT is safe and nonpathogenic to chickens. Maternal antibodies do not interfere with INNOVAX-ND-IBD.

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