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Tecno Poultry Equipment Anaconda

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Phone: +39.049.9699666


Tecno Poultry Equipment
Via L. Da Vinci
15 - Marsango di Campo S. Martino
Padova PD 35010

Tecno Poultry Equipment says the Anaconda system is ideal for transporting eggs from the head of the housing to the gathering centers. Standard widths from 40 cm to 100 cm are available based on a plant's egg gathering requirements. The Anaconda system consists of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and technopolymers. The Anaconda system allows eggs to be conveyed around bends, or up or down slopes. The speed of the belts is variable to adjust egg flow in relation to the sorting or packaging machine's capacity. The conveyor's egg counting system counts eggs from each belt, storing totals per level and per building for one week.


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