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Dramm PulsFOG TurboULV fogger


Contact Information

Phone: +1.920.684.0227


Dramm Corporation
2000 N. 18th St.
Manitowoc WI 54221
United States

The Dramm PulsFOG TurboULV fogger is a directed, low volume sprayer that produces a turbulent plume of fog that evenly covers surfaces with very fine droplets. Using a high-performance turbine blower, the TurboULV atomizes and propels the fog up to 75 feet. The unit includes a spray wand which is connected to the blower via a flexible air-line. This allows easy aiming of the spray. 

The unit includes several dosing nozzle sizes so that the flow rate and particle size can be adjusted for different application needs. A 5 liter tank carries enough solution for up to 20,000 square feet of coverage at the finest particle size. The TurboULV is powered by a 110v motor.

The TurboULV can be used for directed sprays of insecticides and fungicides into plant canopies or surface application of disinfectants.


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