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Munters Echo Sonar Solution on-farm wireless sensor technology and software

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Munters Corporation
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Munters Echo Sonar Solution on-farm wireless sensor technology and software is a combination of two elements: Echo, an on-farm wireless sensor technology, and Sonar, an innovative analysis software. The combination of the two elements improves the access to big data and removes the traditional separation between hardware and software. 

With a concrete business model built to generate value through efficiency and profitability to all stakeholders in the value chain, the Echo/Sonar solution promises to revolutionize the poultry production industry. In the near future also other industries such as pig and greenhouse production will be covered by this IoT (Internet of Things) solution. 

The Echo / Sonar solution merges hardware development into the software cycle, ultimately ensuring full control of the whole supply chain from farm to fork. Echo is a communication module that is easy to install, flexible and wireless, and contribute to increased production efficiency. Sonar is a software monitoring solution, constantly improves creation of information and data analytics, finding the previously unknown cause-and-effect factors that are today limiting the end results in poultry production. 

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