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Foodmate Ultimate Whole Leg Deboning System


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Foodmate Ultimate Whole Leg Deboning System is capable of processing up to 6,000 legs per hour. With its patented X-ray measuring system, the Ultimate can handle different size legs without any changes to the machine. The X-ray system accurately measures the position of the kneecap and the length of the drum and the thigh bone. This information is relayed to the automatic adjusting system to ensure a precise cut along the kneecap. 

Legs are input into the machine with or without the skin and the finished product is output with the whole leg meat deboned and the knee cap still attached at the knee joint. By processing the legs this way, there is less trimming after the leg runs through the machine; thus reducing labor.

The Ultimate can be set up for left, right or left and right leg processing. It makes a precise cut along the bone without damaging the meat or the bone. This ensures reduction of pressure during meat stripping which simplifies inspection and allows for good meat presentation.

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