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Aviagen Parent Stock Management Handbooks 2018


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Aviagen released a set of 2018 Parent Stock handbooks for the Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross brands of broiler breeding stock to provide global customers with the most current parent stock management advice. The handbooks cover best practices to achieve the highest level of health, welfare and performance of Aviagen brands at the breeder level. Aviagen’s continual focus is to offer customers flock management advice and support to help them maximize the genetic potential of our birds and thus remain competitive in their regions throughout the world.

To equip Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross customers with the most current flock management information, key sections of each handbook have been enhanced: the Grading section (with practical examples for accurate bird grading); the Environmental Requirements section (to provide details on how to maintain high air quality throughout the life cycle of a bird); and the Health and Biosecurity section (that has been expanded with helpful advise on this topic). 

The handbooks are available on these links: 

  • Arbor Acres:
  • Indian River:
  • Ross:
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