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Georgia Poultry Equipment Adult Turkey feeder


Contact Information

Phone: 1.910.594.0219
Toll Free: 1.800.949.4647
Fax: 1.910.594.1392


Georgia Poultry Equipment Co.
206 Fayetteville St
Newton Grove NC 28366
United States

The Georgia Poultry Equipment Adult Turkey feeder is designed for easy feeder replacement and installation. It is part of the GrowerSELECT turkey feed line and it features a removable, two-piece top that aids easy installation and replacement.

The GrowerSELECT Adult Turkey Feeder includes a heavier galvanized shield and rugged deep V polypropylene pan with reinforced feed saver lip. A free-swing steel drop tube reduces bruising while the flue ring adjustment permits accurate control of feed levels to prevent waste.  


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