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Ghost Controls Coop Controls CKBT Automatic Coop Door Opener Kit


Contact Information

Phone: 850.558.5520


Ghost Controls
1572 Capital Circle NW
Tallahassee FL 32303
United States

Ghost Controls presents its automatic coop door opener kit under the brand Coop Controls. This Coop Controls CKBT Automatic Coop Door Opener Kit is the first of its kind, providing a reliable solution to let chickens in and out of the coop thanks to its adaptability to swing-type doors and Intelligent Control technology. It can open swinging coop doors that are 16-30 inches wide.

Coop Controls solves a major challenge of chicken ownership, making it possible for a broad cross section of consumers, from urban to rural to suburban dwellers, and those with busy lives, including full-time jobs away from home to enjoy backyard chickens.

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