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Madison Chemical Super Trolley Lube conveyor lubricant


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Phone: +1.812.273.6000
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Madison Chemical Co., Inc.
3141 Clifty Drive
Madison IN 47250
United States

Madison Chemical introduces NSF certified Super Trolley Lube conveyor lubricant for meat processing applications. Unlike silicone emulsion products, Super Trolley Lube contains no water and does not require water for dilution, so it reduces the risk of microbial growth while reducing drag.

This completely waterless formulation keeps dry areas dry, can be used in areas with or without floor drains and greatly reduces effluent emissions. It provides lubricity without the sticky or gummy residues that are common with silicone emulsion lubricants, and it is easily cleaned with water. Super Trolley Lube is used at full strength and applied by drip, dip, roller, spray or similar suitable methods.

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