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Bettcher Industries Automatic Coating System


Contact Information

Phone: +1.440.965.4422


Bettcher Industries
6801 State Route 60
Birmingham OH 44816
United States

Bettcher Industries introduces the Automatic Coating System that mixes ingredients while individually applying batter and breading to each food item. Its design allows for efficient and consistent coating compared to traditional hand breading. The recirculating coating ingredients are continually mixed and sifted to achieve the correct flavor profile balance while eliminating clumping, and any excess coating is gently shaken off the food items and returned to the machine.

The Bettcher ACS makes it easy to create signature seasoned coatings. The machine accommodates a range of liquids from water to egg washes, buttermilk, juices, slurries and other flavor blends in its 6-quart capacity compartment.

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