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Chore-Time E-Z Start feeder


Contact Information

Phone: +1.574.658.4101


401 North Higbee Street
P.O. Box 2000
Milford 46542

The Chore-Time E-Z Start is a feeder with outlet drop tubes that stow completely out of the way when not in use. This helps get birds off to a good start and maximizes productivity by allowing growing birds unobstructed access to all angles of the grow-out feeding system. It also simplifies assembly and repair, since the new drop tubes contain just two parts that snap together without tools or hardware. 

During grow-out, the E-Z Start feeder outlet drop tubes not only stow neatly beside the feeder line, but they also allow trash, such as dust and feathers, to fall through the feeder’s open tubes to the litter below, preventing buildup of contamination that would impact the next brood cycle. When rotated down into the open position during brood, the feeder fills chick trays, poult pans or paper with a high level of feed to help get birds off to a quick start. 

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