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Code Tech CT-1JET Inkjet Printer for egg grading machines


Contact Information

Phone: +1.609.720.0290
Fax: +1.406.287.8239


Code Tech Corporation
743 Alexander Road, Unit 9
Princeton NJ 08540
United States

The CT-1JET Inkjet Printer from Code Tech Corporation has been named an approved OEM for printers for use on all Moba Omnia Egg Grading Machines. The CT-1JET-HP printer can be integrated with Omnia and iDesign software and is fully compatible with the Moba packprint protocol.

Messages can be programmed in the MMI software of Omnia and linked to products as used for egg grading. Code Tech’s printer technology is suitable for printing with a single ink type onto styrene, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), EPS (expanded polystyrene) and molded pulp board. Edible eggshell inks available and printers are fully networkable.

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