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Aurora Pharmaceutical CocciAid (amprolium) 9.6% Oral Solution Coccidiostat


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Phone: +1.888.215.1256


Aurora Pharmaceutical
1196 Highway 3 South
Northfield MN 55057
United States

The CocciAid from Aurora Pharmaceutical is a 9.6 percent oral solution coccidiostat that can be safely administered in the medicated drinking water of growing poultry and requires no product withdrawal period for meat. It can also be administered via automatic water proportioners that meter 1 fluid ounce of stock solution per gallon of drinking water. It is used for the treatment of coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys and laying hens. 

CocciAid is available in highly cost-effective 1-gallon plastic jugs for easy handling, measuring and no-product-loss pouring. 

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