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CO2 Meter portable CO2 sampling data logger

Contact Information

Phone: +1.386.310.4933


CO2 Meter Inc.
131 Business Center Drive
Ormond Beach FL 32174
United States

The portable CO2 sampling data logger from CO2 Meter is ideal for modified atmosphere packaging applications or for measuring potentially dangerous high concentrations of CO2 in biological applications. Sampling allows for elevated ambient temperatures and relative humidity, performing fermentation monitoring and validation. Inside the data sampling logger is a battery-operated micro-pump connected to two tubing ports on the side of the unit. The company says the unit is designed to automatically turn itself off from 15 seconds up to every 18 hours, as well as to draw gas for a programmable period from the inlet port and expel it from the discharge port, make a measurement and store the value internally with a time stamp. Five models are available: 1%, 5%, 30%, 65% and 100% CO2.

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