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Termotecnica Pericoli agriTERM livestock heater

Contact Information

Phone: +39.0182.589006


Termotecnica Pericoli S.r.l.
Regione Rapalline 44
P. O. Box 262
17031 Albenga (SV)

A Termotecnica Pericoli agriTERM livestock heater offers four options (16, 45, 74, 100 Kw) to serve a wide range of heating applications for all livestock facilities. Features include a 4% improved combustion for a total of 99.5%, reduced fuel consumption, 40% reduction in size/mass while maintaining capacity and performance, improved “throw” or heat distribution, simplified ease of operation, IP55 rated controls, an all-steel body, a finer grill for reduced rodent access, and standard flame failure/safety features. Available in natural gas or LPG versions.

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