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Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care Prosaf feed additive for aquaculture

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Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care
137 rue Gabriel Péri
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul

The Prosaf from Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care is a highly palatable source of small size bioavailable peptides, free amino acids and nucleotides, designed to boost fish growth, performance and disease resistance. Prosaf is a water-soluble purified yeast extract, obtained by primary fermentation with a high protein content.

Officially analysed by HPLC, Prosaf has been confirmed as containing only small peptides, more than 88 percent of which are below 3.6 kDa, with 38 percent below 1 kDa. As such, the product offers highly bioavailable nutrients to increase the palatability and digestibility of plant-based diets.


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