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Ammeraal Beltech UltraFit Two-part Sprocket system


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Ammeraal Beltech
Comeniusstraat 8 1817 MS, Alkmaar
P.O. Box 38
Heerhugowaard 1000 AA

The UltraFit Two-part Sprocket system from Ammeraal Beltech is compatible with a range of manufacturers' belts and comes with interchangeable adapters. Replacing a broken sprocket will no longer require complex gearbox and drive shaft removals. Due to its simple two-part design, installation is quickly and easily achieved by just one person, with little working space required and no heavy lifting involved.

The uni UltraFit Two-part Sprocket features interchangeable ‘spacer’ adapters, which enable the sprocket to fit on a variety of drive shaft sizes. The adapters guarantee perfect sprocket spacing along the shaft and better belt-to-sprocket alignment.


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