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Statec Binder Principal palletizing machine


Contact Information

Phone: +43.3112.38580.0
Fax: +43.3112.38580.4


Statec Binder GmbH
Industriestrasse 32
Gleisdorf 8200

The Statec Binder Principal palletizing machine is a fully automatic high-speed high-level palletizer for up to 2400 units per hour for bags and boxes.

The Principal high-level bag palletizer forms layers of bags which are fed into the unit by a belt conveyor and loads the layers on top of the pallet which is lifted by an elevator. After a pre-set number of layers is reached, the pallet is lowered and automatically transported away by a roller conveyor.

In order to facilitate an ideal and flexible layer formation, bags can be turned into a pre-defined position. This is executed by a servo motor driven overhead turning device. The bags can then be turned into an optimal position, so that stitching tabs are positioned inwards, or barcodes can be read from the outside of the layer.


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