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Vortec online Heat Load Calculator


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Vortec has developed an online Heat Load Calculator to allow users to determine cooling requirements for their specific enclosure. The new tool, available at, allows users to input enclosure dimensions, compressed air inlet temperature and pressure, current cabinet temperatures, worst case ambient temperature and whether the enclosure is in direct contact with sunlight (and enclosure color).  

Users select units of measure for length (inches or millimeters), power (watts or BtuH), temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and pressure (psig or bar) as well as NEMA rating required. The Heat Load Calculator then calculates the total heat load in the enclosure and suggests a Vortec enclosure cooler suitable for the application.  

The heat load calculator can generate a PDF of the results, providing users with all information required about the cooler in a sleek, easy to share format. This online tool is ideal for a wide range of industries and applications, including industrial/manufacturing, food, chemical, water, wastewater and other processing environments, oil refining and petrochemical processing, and others that have become dependent on microprocessors, PLCs, and VFDs.  

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