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Valery Technologies Poultry Trolley


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Phone: +39.0171.619715


Valery Technologies (Giordano Poultry Plast S.p.a.)
Via Bernezzo 47
Caraglio 12023

The Valery Technologies Poultry Trolley is a mobile trolley equipped with a 120lt tank, compact and manageable, particularly suitable for large and medium poultry cage farms. Two side bars, reclinable for movement and adjustable according to the width of the corridors, are provided with nozzles, different according to the type of vaccine, adaptable on the vertical axis to the cages plane. 

The high efficiency of the pump is able to guarantee constant flow and pressure up to a maximum of 8 nozzles for each bar, ensuring the same flow to each. Each regulator is provided with anti-drip. The working pressure is adjustable by means of a special variator. The power supply with battery allows an autonomy of exercise of some hours even in continuous way. The particular shape of the tank and the distribution system reduces to a minimum the residual quantity of the product at its end.

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