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Dramm FOAM8L Compression Foamer


Contact Information

Phone: +1.920.684.0227


2000 North 18th Street
Manitowoc WI 54220
United States

The FOAM8L Compression Foamer from Dramm offers a rich, thick foam that sticks to surfaces and degrades slowly, increasing contact time for surface disinfection.

Working like a standard compression sprayer, the chamber is pressurized using a hand pump, creating pressure to propel the spray solution. The FOAM8L works differently. When the trigger is released, the solution is mixed with the compressed air using a special valve. Unlike siphoning foamers that use atmospheric pressure to add air to the liquid to create a sudsy foam, the FOAM8L uses the compressed air from inside the tank, adding more air and creating a richer foam.

The FOAM8L can hold up to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of solution and comes with three different valve options.

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