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Eagle Product Inspection Eagle Bulk 415 PRO x-ray inspection system


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Eagle Product Inspection
6005 Benjamin Road
Tampa FL 33634
United States

The Eagle Bulk 415 PRO from Eagle Product Inspection is an x-ray inspection system that will help manufacturers comply with stringent HACCP principles and food safety requirements by providing superior detection and automatic rejection of the following foreign bodies in the food industry: glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones and rocks, and some plastic and rubber compounds. 

The x-ray machine’s cupped belt construction is ideal for efficient transport, contamination inspection and rejection of high-volume loose flow product. This proprietary belt design promotes uniform flow of product while reducing spillage and product loss. The placement of the infeed shoot reduces dust and product blowback limiting wear on bearings and other active components thereby increasing machine longevity, especially for fine granular product applications such as sugar.

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