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Thermo Fisher Scientific Xpert Heavy Duty (HD) X-ray inspection system

Thermo Fisher Scientific-Xpert-Heavy-Duty-(HD)-X-ray-inspection-system

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Thermo Fisher Scientific
300 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15275
United States

The Xpert Heavy Duty (HD) from Thermo Fisher Scientific is an X-ray inspection system with 900W of X-ray power, the highest available, that delivers high penetration of food products in difficult applications, supporting the highest level of food safety and brand protection. 

With the Xpert HD, food manufacturers can easily detect a wide range of physical contaminants in large packages and dense, heavy products like cheese blocks, cases of spices and boxes containing various meat products. The system is designed for customers that must migrate to X-ray inspection for better performance compared to large aperture metal detectors or to satisfy a customer mandate to upgrade to X-ray inspection.

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