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Dolco Packaging PS foam egg cartons


Contact Information

Phone: +1.770.963.6191


Dolco Packaging
252 Hosea Road
Lawrenceville GA 30045
United States

The polystyrene (PS) foam egg cartons from Dolco Packaging are available in different sizes, from six eggs cartons to 36 eggs cartons. Polystyrene keeps the same performance/dimensional attributes regardless of temperature and humidity conditions. Cartons maintain structural integrity all the way to the consumer.

Level 3 certification means that cartons are backed by extensive quality and safety programs on an ongoing basis.  All Dolco PS cartons have date codes for product traceability.

Dolco produces cartons in a variety of colors to help provide additional differentiation. Some of the color options are made from 40 percent recycled PS, which helps support environmental objectives.

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